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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Weight Loss in Las Vegas – Doctor Supervised Program

Dr. Andrea Dempsey MD and DermaBella Medical Spa are excited to offer a NEW 12 week Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program for those seeking weight loss in Las Vegas, NV.

Why choose a weight loss clinic in Las Vegas over a Doctor? Our weight loss program allows you to safely lose weight, and more importantly, maintain your losses!

las vegas weight lossYour successful weight loss program can help you lower your blood pressure, help reduce your blood sugars, lower your cholesterol and make you look and feel great.

This is the life change that you have wanted to do and we are here to help you do it.

You can take the skills and dietary advice that you are learning over the 12 weeks into your future. You can maintain your weight loss!

Medical Weight Loss Las Vegas

Dr. Andrea Dempsey MD does not believe in a one size fits all approach. Complete lab workup is included in our weight loss programs. Each patient receives a custom weight loss program based on your individual profile.

For this reason, we believe we are one of the most reputable weight loss clinics in Las Vegas!

Our weight loss program in Las Vegas can help you shed pounds of fat with a proper diet.

Includes (subject to change):

Weight Loss Clinic Las Vegas
  • 7 day detoxification phase with vitamins and supplementation (featuring Core Restore BT® from Orthomolecular®  to help stabilize blood sugars, optimize liver and GI functions )
  • Complete lab work up
  • EKG
  • 12 Weekly visits with B complex and/or B12 injections
  • Physical exam with medical provider
  • Fat Burning Supplements CLA® from Orthomolecular®
  • 3 visits with a medical weight loss counselor
  • Personalized menus based on your metabolism

  • Special Offer for Success Package:

  • Entire 12 week plan – $399 (with insurance)- reg. $650
  • Entire 12 week plan – $499 (without insurance)- reg. $750
  • Long term rates available

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